Our ethos

Health should be neither a luxury nor a seasonal priority. In the ideal world we picture, everyone has access to daily diet and lifestyle choices that support good health, while also staying considerate of the environment.

Yet, enormous volumes of nutrient-dense products are going to waste daily – a repetitive cycle that’s harmful to the environment and all of its inhabitants. Observing this was deeply upsetting for our founder. So he set out on a journey to build the Superfood Outlet, a unique business that’s part of the solution to food waste and undernutrition, working alongside nature and making nourishment affordable.

Since the very start in 2018, the team at Superfood Outlet have been scouting the world to find Earth-friendly, nourishing plant-based ingredients that may be overproduced, short-dated or simply not given enough attention despite their amazing benefits.

Read below to learn how, every time you choose the Superfood Outlet products, you essentially contribute to a better planet – an act of gratefulness for all the amazing things it provides.

You support the environment

Along with eating into one’s finances, food waste is known to have a damaging effect on the environment, being one of the largest contributors to climate change.

Producing food and taking it to supermarkets’ shelves consumes a significant amount of global energy, so every time you’re throwing food away you’re wasting the resources and energy that went into growing and transporting it.

Food waste that’s not composted also requires transportation to landfill sites, adding up to CO2 emissions. There, it gradually breaks down and forms methane, another potent greenhouse gas. Other times, manufacturers choose to dispose of food waste in water, which causes water scarcity and endangers numerous aquatic species.

Dried fruit and superfood powders are a fantastic way to reduce household food waste because they have longer shelf life than fresh food and contain high concentrations of nutrients, so a little goes a long way.

You support the farmers

Unfortunately, many products become waste before even reaching the supermarkets because they are overproduced or don’t meet supermarkets’ cosmetic standards. In many cases, those who suffer the financial loss are small farmers from developing countries such as those where many of our superfoods grow. The farmers often invest all of their resources into growing the crops and employ people from the local communities who support their families by working on the plantations. Ensuring that farmers confront as little food waste as possible is hence essential to their welfare.

The Superfood Outlet is committed to working with sustainable suppliers who protect the farmers and the environment. Our suppliers offer community support, maintain transparency and show respect for the local communities. Our superfood powders are not selected based on the colour or shape of the superfoods, they’re grown using a mix of traditional and innovative methods and chosen for their nutrient density.